Welcome to this website which provides public access to a preliminary proposal for a major regional recreational and environmental asset in Brisbane's western suburbs.

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This proposal has been prepared by John Craig who would welcome feedback, and can be contacted by email to: cpds @ brisbane . apana . org . au

The proposal is for a 13 km Brisbane West Trail for walking / running (and perhaps bicycling or horse riding in some areas). It involves the interconnection of a large number of existing parks in Brisbane's western suburbs along Moggill, Gap, Cubberla and Witton Creeks, with the circuit being closed on the north through the abutting Brisbane Forest and Mt Cootha Parks and by parks along an out-dated road reserve to the south.
Outline of Brisbane West Trail proposal - being a draft letter which includes a Preliminary Review of Practical Issues
Sketch Map, Trail Features, Current Status
See also  Road Map
Debating Regional Transport Proposals - suggests the need to give intelligent thought to design of transport solutions for Brisbane's Western suburbs because of defects in the Kenmore bypass proposal and in the overall framework for transport planning in Brisbane.
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