Evaluation of Managing for Outcomes:  Summary (September 1997)

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Background: A recent Treasury paper, Managing for Outcomes in Queensland, has defined methods to be used for integrating requirements for accrual accounting, output budgeting and strategic planning. That paper, and supporting papers on Outcome Specification and Output Statements, are outlined in Attachments A and B.

The Proposal: The major themes of Managing for Outcomes appear to be:

Significance: This proposal for relating the budget process to substantive outcomes appears to be a significant initiative; and one which will require adjustments by agencies. It is part of an emerging Strategic Management Framework which is concerned with the effective management of government's financial, information and human resources.

Limitations: A number of limitations in Managing for Outcomes need to be considered in the ongoing enhancement of Queensland's Strategic Management Framework, eg:

The above five issues, and some constraints on solving important social and economic problems under the existing proposal, are outlined in Attachment C.