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A (draft) legislative arrangement which might establish professionalism as a stable foundation of a New Public Service in Queensland is hypothesised in this paper. A more detailed - and more tentative version - has also been drafted.

These suggestions are submitted as a starting point. It should be noted that they are not based (as would ultimately be required if success is to be achieved) on: the insights of those directly affected; or close study of practical issues or of current or required legislative provisions. Furthermore, many other issues would need to be taken into account - some of which are mentioned (but not properly analysed) in this paper.

Major features of the renewal legislation could be:

Advantages of the renewal process would be:

Benefits to government in Queensland of the suggested renewal would be quality advice and competent administration, the provision of a sound foundation for political stability, and real scope to reverse long term declines in relative economic status (See Defects in Queensland's Economic Tactics, Strategy and Outcomes).

April 2000


1. Public Service Commissioner: A suggestion about such a Commissioner controlling the process for senior Public Service appointments was put forward by ANU's Professor Richard Mulgan as a means to reduce the risk of losing professional competence (see 'Politicisation of the Senior Appointments in the Australian Public Service', Australian Journal of Public Administration, Sept 1998)