SUMMARY OF Strategy development in business and government (March 1997)

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1. Introduction

This preliminary paper outlines changes in both the methods used for developing strategy, and, to a limited extent, in the substantive nature of such strategy.

There are many different ways in which strategy development is relevant to government including the preparation of corporate strategies and the development of the state strategic plan, and of economic and social development strategies. The purpose of this paper is to provide a resource which might indicate options for further enhancing such strategies.


This paper addresses strategy in terms of:

The paper is not comprehensive eg it considers mainly strategy in English speaking countries. In East Asia, strategy can be based on philosophically challenging principles.

The paper concludes that:

The above outline is available in more detail.

Associated with this paper is a Brief Introduction to Some Strategy Issues which outlines literature on the topic in a (hopefully) readable format. This is accompanied by a Review of Strategy Literature, which presents more detailed summaries of the same sources.

Several sources summarised in the Review of Strategy Literature give overviews of strategy development, of which the most comprehensive may be Items 57, 32 and 45.