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17 August 1995

Mr Mick Young,


Queensland Election Review Panel,

C\- State Secretary,

Australian Labor Party.

Dear Mr Young,


Because of my concern about the effectiveness of our system of government, I should like to draw your panel's attention to certain background issues related to their inquiries.

In brief my concern is that: Australia faces severe economic challenges and the community has increasing expectations of government; meeting these challenges and expectations is intrinsically beyond the capabilities of the political process on its own; none-the-less solutions are being sought through political mechanisms which are economically inadequate and are also doing significant damage to ordinary public administration.

This is relevant to your panel's inquiry because the electoral backlash experienced in Queensland is not just a consequence of bad luck, or the way the election campaign was conducted. Rather it reflects deep concern about the effectiveness of ordinary administration and about the future (by both the public and by public sector staff).

A two page submission to your panel is attached. Also enclosed is a more detailed version of that submission (Towards Good Government in Queensland) and a number of supporting documents.

My background for presenting these observations is 25 years study combined with practical experience of both public administration and economic development issues, which has included many opportunities to observe what does and does not work.

Yours faithfully


John Craig

Supporting Documents:

Submission to Queensland Election Review Panel - 2 pages

Towards Good Government in Queensland - 11 pages plus Attachments A-H

The Paper Government: A Review of Queensland's 1994/95 State Budget (September 1994)

More of the Same: One Observer's Assessment of `From Strength to Strength' (June 1995)

A Better Way of Sustaining Growth: Comments on the Principal Objective of the 1995/96 Commonwealth Budget (June 1995)