of the Society for Australian Industry and Employment (2001)

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Note: these comments are intended primarily for persons with background knowledge of the above Society and the Ten Point Plan  which it suggested in 2000. Other readers are advised to first examine the Outline of that Plan which has been produced.

For Ten Point Plan see also:
Comments on (draft) New Industry Policy (2002)

Overall Assessment

An outline of the Ten Point Plan (TPP) is available as Attachment A. That plan has focused on important issues (especially the difficulties facing Australian manufacturing industry, the current account deficit and unemployment).

However the TPP needs to be seen as an early milestone on a long road rather than as the final destination, because:


Specific suggestions are outlined in Attachment B and Attachment C.

How: Suggestions about processes the Society might use to move to the next milestone are outlined in Attachment B. In brief, the Society needs to decide whether its goal is to deal with the economy and society generally or with manufacturing industry and employment. If it is the former, the Society must prepare itself for that much greater challenge - and be prepared not to deal in depth with issues that might most aid firms and employees in manufacturing clusters. If the latter, it might enter into alliances with complementary groups who can help it cover other bases.

What: Ideas which could be considered in enhancing TPP are outlined in Attachment C. This suggests: editing and including references - especially to analysts' who support TPP's basic conclusions; enhancing TPP's strongest points; other challenges Australia faces; sources to consult in planning an industry policy review; some requirements for international competitiveness; ways to strengthen the case against 'economic rationalism'; the complexity of the current account deficit and the loss of manufacturing employment issues; and alternatives and complements to the Society's proposals

These ideas are only preliminary (based on information to hand). They could be greatly improved by research, if the Society (or anyone else) is seriously interested in progressing to a new milestone.

15 August 2001