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18 October, 2000

Ms Annastacia Palaszczuk
Senior Policy Advisor,
Office of Minister for Mines and Energy

Thank you for your letter of 12 October on behalf of your Minister, in relation to the copy of my letter to Dr Glynn Davis regarding AWU / ALP Practices for Filling Positions. Your letter offered an assurance that Dr Davis will give my correspondence full consideration.

Despite your confidence, I am not holding my breath.

I suspect that there is far too much at stake for too many people for my request to gain a simple and honest response at this time. For example dealing with that issue would:

  1. acknowledge a serious defect at the core of the (alleged) reform of the Public Service under the Goss Government, and also undermine the credibility of those (now influential) persons whose career advancement has depended on running that process;
  3. highlight the need to take economic competitiveness seriously, and thus the need for a much higher level of knowledge and skills in government and business (so as to develop the mainstream mechanisms of our economy themselves - rather than just keeping our political system amused with low-productivity industrial recruitment, dubious 'economic infrastructure' and commercially-irrelevant government 'assistance' to firms);
  5. encounter resistance from those who have been able exploit the weakness of Queensland's political system to secure well-rewarded positions to which they should not be entitled (eg as is being alleged before the Shepherdson inquiry in relation to the role of the AWU within the ALP, and as appeared to be practised against the professional Public Service by AWU-dominated ministerial offices under the Goss Government); and
  7. imply the need for renewal of Queensland's Public Service on the basis of real-world technical and professional competence, rather than on political aptitude.

Because of this I suspect that I will have to wait patiently for another two years or so before resolution of the issues raised by my dispute with the Premier's Department will have become unavoidable.

None the less, I appreciate your thought.

[Signed John Craig]