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Some Major Documents - in reverse date order

Energy Crisis: The Real Problem is Machinery of Government Changes That Made Long Term Planning Impossible (March 2017)

Despair About Queensland Governments (January 2017)

Appalling Queensland Governments (December 2016)

Reversing Queensland's Institutional Decay (November 2015)

Yes, The System is Broke (September 2015)

Australia's Infrastructure Incompetence (May 2015)

Queensland's Need for Stronger Institutions (April 2015)

Insubstantial Election Campaigns are only a Symptom of Australia's Political Malaise (February 2015)

Ending Australia's Political Paralysis? (February 2015)

How Governments Conned Themselves by Eliminating 'Public' Services (December 2014)

Auditing the Commission (June 2012)

Queensland's Next Unsuccessful Premier (March 2012)

Australia's Next Successful Prime Minister (February 2012)

Curing Queensland's Myopia (June 2011)

Beyond Populist Rhetoric (March 2011)

Journey Towards a More Effective 'Fitzgerald Inquiry' (July 2009) 

Australia's Future Tax System: The Cost of the Financial Crisis and the Opportunity to Fix Government (January 2009)

Brisbane's Transportation Monster (May 2008)

Structural Incompetence and SE Queensland's Water Crisis (May 2007)

'Is our System of Government in Queensland Working?': Outline and Commentary (May 2007)

Queensland's Challenge: A 2006 Report Card (September 2006)

Commentary on The Role of Government in Queensland (May 2006)

The Upper House Solution: A Commentary (April 2006)

Taxpayers Cheated by Incompetent Governance (February 2006)

Improving Public Sector Performance in Queensland (November 2005)

SE Queensland Regional Plan and Infrastructure Plan (May 2005)

Intended Submission to Health System Royal Commission (April 2005)

Infrastructure Constraints on Australia's Economy (March 2005)

Queensland's Worst Government? (January 2005)

Review of National Competition Reforms: A Commentary (December 2004)

Failure in Queensland's Electricity Supply (August 2004)

Queensland's 'Administrative Desperation' Unit (July 2004)

Reform of Queensland Institutions - or a Rising Tide of Public Hypocrisy? (June 2004)

Realistic Public Administration is the Key (April 2004)

Review of Child Protection Proposals (January 2004)

Growth Management in SE Queensland (November 2003)

Australia's Governance Crisis and the Need for Nation Building (May 2003)

The Decay of Australian Public Administration (November 2002)

Defects in Infrastructure Planning and Delivery in Queensland (May 2002)

The Growing Case for Professionalism (from 2001)

Queensland's Challenge (February 2001)

Renewal of Queensland's Public Service (April 2000)

Toward Good Government in Queensland (August 1995)

DOCUMENTS with most recent first SUMMARY            Overview of all Documents to October 2002 
Despair About Queensland Governments Email (12/1/17) to  journalist in relation to a public debate that had emerged about the effectiveness of Queensland's then-current ALP administration
Appalling Queensland Governments Email (19/12/16) suggesting that the Goss / Beattie administrations he endorsed as Queensland's best had been amongst its worst because of: (a) the adverse effect of the former on the competence of government in Queensland; and (b) the very poor policies and programs thus adopted by the latter
Broken Governance and Ineffectual Economic Strategy: Two Sides of the Same Coin? Email (8/12/15) to journalist endorsing his description of the process whereby public services had been rendered incapable of helping ensure effective government, and suggesting that: (a) similar factors had been behind failures to develop Australia's innovation capacity; (b) weaknesses in these areas reinforced one another
Political Respect Has Been in Short Supply in Queensland for the Past 25 Years Email (9/8/15) to journalist endorsing her view that political power needs to be exercised with respect and fairness towards others, while noting that these characteristics have long been in very short supply in Queensland and that this failure has severely adversely affected the public interest
State may be Rudderless ... Full Stop Email (12/3/15) to journalist endorsing her view that politically driven changes to top level public servants will be disruptive - but suggesting that this disruption would not just last a few months
A Westminster-style Professional and Independent Public Service: Good Idea but Wishing Won't Make it So Email (23/2/15) to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk endorsing her apparent ambition to create a Westminster-style professional and independent public service, while noting that achieving this would be anything but easy and would take a long time.
How Governments Conned Themselves by Eliminating 'Public' Services Email (4/12/14) suggesting that the problems that are emerging in Australia's system of government are not the result of ministers heeding public service advice, so much as of not considering: (a) what is needed to get advice that is likely to be in the 'public' interest; and (b) failing to get appropriate 'reality checks' on populist political agendas;
Good Intentions: Bad Results Email (11/11/14) to a journalist suggesting that the good intentions of Queensland's 1989-1996 Goss Government could not be translated into practical outcomes because politicization (ie seeking a public service dominated by compliant 'yes men') had reduced the ability of the service to provide competent support to that government
Poor Government in Queensland: A Rich Field for Senate Inquiry Email (1/10/14) to an economist arguing that budgetary and poor-policy problems in Queensland's Government have a long history and that this will provide a rich field for exploration by the proposed Senate inquiry into government in Queenland.
Populism has Become Chronic in Australian Politics Email (12/9/14) to a journalist suggesting while community leadership in reform is critical, it needs to be recognized that: (a) the community needs to start by reforming itself; (b) a professional public service is vital to ensuring effective government and constraining abuses of power; (c) political populism has become widespread in Australia; and (d) populism played a significant role in the damage to Queensland’s system of government that accompanied naïve efforts to ‘reform’ the public sector to implement the Fitzgerald Inquiries’ recommendations
Will a Cabinet Reshuffle Appease a Dissatisfied Electorate? Email (20/7/14) to journalist suggesting that much more than internal changes within the elected government are likely to be needed to ensure effective administration in Queensland

Avoiding Dark Days in the Sunshine State

Email (8/12/13) to Paul Williams (Griffith University) suggesting that merely creating an upper house of Parliament would not be sufficient to ensure that Queensland Governments were more effective and accountable
A Smarter Approach to Power Email (4/11/13) suggesting that political parties would have less frustration on gaining government and in governing effectively if they acknowledged that the political rhetoric that is sufficient to win elections is inadequate to deal with the full range of government responsibilities and activities
Reversing Queensland's Institutional Decay Email (2/11/13) to journalists suggesting that disputes about the possible adverse effects on the state's institutions of the Newman Governments 'gung ho' approach to outlaw bikie gangs had precedents in Queensland's history which had been damaging and costly, and that these problems could be reduced by more emphasis on using current priority issues to build up existing institutions rather than seeking to over-ride them politically
The Rise and Rise of the 'Yes Men' Email (24/9/13) to Mungo MacCallum suggesting that while he seemed correct in suggesting that the Abbott Government would reduce its prospects for success by suppressing public service competence and independence, this practice was not originated by the Howard Government as it had been a major factor in the increasing incompetence of governments across Australia for decades.
Lifting Public Sector Performance Email (11/5/13) to Gene Tunny suggesting that the best way to improve government performance and to contain costs is to focus on government's primary function (ie 'governing')
The Queensland Plan: Developing a Valuable Vision? Email (9/5/13) to Queensland Plan Project Team suggesting the need to think clearly about how a community learns and to incorporate the insights of leading edge practitioners and experts before it is likely that a vision can emerge that would make a major difference to Queensland's prospects
Dubious Public Sector Appointments are Old News Email (18/2/13) to a journalist suggesting that current controversies about dubious contract, board and public service appointments in Queensland's Government reflect a tradition that is now very well established
Will Queensland have a Workable Government? Email (6/8/12) to a journalist suggesting that while discontent about job losses in the public service raise questions about whether the LNP was honest prior to the state election, a bigger issue is whether government can be effective after indiscriminately 'taking an axe' to the public service
Public Service Staffing Email (19/6/12) to a journalist suggesting that Queensland's problems in paying staff arose mainly from a blow-out in capital spending, rather than from necessarily employing too many staff
Making Queensland's 'Can Do' Government Ethical Email (22/5/12) to an ethicist suggesting that when governments ignore the processes traditionally used to ensure effective government, the outcome may not only be abuses of power, but also incompetence. Seeking to correct the latter can help create an environment facilitating political ethics.
Can the Commander Do? Email (27/7/12) to journalists suggesting that effective government critically depends on mobilizing the support of a knowledgeable, experienced and competent public service and that again politicising Queensland's service on day one was likely to create massive problems for the new government
Unreal Expectations? Email (25/3/12) to a journalist suggesting that business leader's expectations for achievements by the newly-elected LNP government are likely to be unfulfilled, given the latter's lightweight policy agenda and the absence of proposals for re-creating the competent machinery of government needed to give effect to any agenda
Much about the flood is still to be uncovered Email (17/3/12) to editor of The Australian endorsing the view that ensuring that flood disasters do not recur is more important than finger pointing at individual mistakes / misbehaviour, and suggesting the most significant causes of the such fiascos were not addressed by the Floods Commission of inquiry
2011 Flood Email (16/3/12) in response to a request for comments on the Floods Commission of Inquiry report on Brisbane's 2011 flood. It points to systemic defects in the public sector outside the Commission's terms of reference, and to problems in water and flood management that still seem to need attention.
Queensland's Next Unsuccessful Premier? Email (8/3/12) to a journalist suggesting his reference to apparent weaknesses in the state Oppositions' policy agenda and allegations of abuses of power highlight issues that both need attention if the winner of a forthcoming state election is not to become Queensland's next unsuccessful premier.
Australia's Next Successful Prime Minister Email (20/2/12) to a federal MP suggesting that, in choosing a 'strong candidate' for prime minister, political parties should focus on the ability to create a framework for competent government, rather than on those able to win elections with trendy rhetoric and then lose popularity because of a lack of competence
What's Wrong with Queensland Health? .... Scapegoating Public Servants!! Email (13/12/11) to a journalist suggesting that the failures being experienced in Queensland Health are the result of blaming bureaucrats for systemic defects in the overall machinery of government that they work in
Resuming Rightful Roles Email (6/9/11) to Phillip Adams suggesting that a leadership change he proposed to overcome a crisis facing the federal government would not be enough, as the problem is structural rather than the fault of particular leaders.
Lobbying Resource Companies to Buy Australian: Building on the Achievements of the Beattie Government? Email (30/8/11) to Professor Ross Fitzgerald suggesting that, while the Beattie Government was not Queensland's worst, his glowing assessment of the performance of that administration was highly misleading
Getting Governments Back to Governing Email (4/8/11) to Judith Sloan supporting her view that it is inappropriate to try to run governments as businesses, and highlighting the decline in their ability to 'govern' that results from attempting to do so
Curing Queensland's Myopia Email (15/6/11) to a journalist suggesting that the Opposition's inability to clearly express policy options reflects structural weaknesses in Queensland which also explain 'how things have got so bad' (a question raised by the Opposition leader)
Applying a 'meat axe' is the problem, not the solution Email (21/4/11) to Julie Novak suggesting that applying a 'meat axe' to public services in order to achieve budget savings is the reverse of what is needed to make government more effective and efficient
Saving 'Brand Labor' from Traveston Dam? What about Saving 'Brand Queensland' and 'Brand Australia'? Email (31/3/11) to Gary Johns suggesting that the Traveston Dam proposal might not have been a realistic solution to SE Queensland's water supply problems, and that the contribution by Queensland's current premier to trying to save 'brand Labor' might mainly relate to trying to introduce more practical competence into policy decisions
Beyond Populist Rhetoric Email (27/3/11) to a journalist suggesting that the targets for fixing Queensland's economic and governance woes suggested by the new state Opposition leader (Campbell Newman) were unconvincing, and could be substantially improved
Worst Labor Government Ever: That's a Disputable Claim Email (24/3/11) to Norman Abjorensen (ANU) suggesting that his claims about the then NSW government were not necessarily correct, and that past governments that made competent public administration almost impossible for their successors also needed to be considered as contenders for this title
Response to - An open note to Campbell Newman Email (23/3/11) to Michael Matusik endorsing his suggestion about the need for political leadership in expressing long term goals for Queensland, and suggesting issues that could usefully be considered in developing such goals
The Choice is not just between Flood Levees and Flood Levies Email (31/1/11) to Steve Molino (Molino Stewart) suggesting that problems in flood-plain management in Queensland included not only the lack of flood levees, but also: (a) setting flood levels too low in approving property development in Brisbane; and (b) ensuring that governments act on reliable advice
'Post-war reconstruction' is only one of many Challenges Email (14/1/11) to editor of the Courier Mail suggesting that efforts to recover from the devastation caused by a natural disaster would probably be disrupted, if there is not simultaneous priority attention to problems related to ineffectual machinery of government, and international economic risks
China's Bigger Secret - and its relevance to Australia? Email (20/7/10) to a journalist suggesting the China' 'big secret' is not the pervasive role of the Communist Party but rather how power is exerted, and that the hollowing out of Australian governments' ability to gain access to practical knowledge and experience is hazardous in an environment in which political and economic power increasingly depends on this
Witch-hunts can Make Things Worse - as Queensland's History Shows Email (19/7/10) to a journalist suggesting that he is right to call for Opposition emphasis on policy rather than 'witch-hunts' (over corruption) as it is incompetence in political system and government administration that allows corruption to develop
Intellectual Arrogance: Unfortunately Mr Rudd is Not Alone Email (16/6/10) to a journalist suggesting that Australia's prime minister is not alone in failing to recognise the vital importance of informed, practical and independent advice.
Turning a Blind Eye to Incompetence and Abuse of Power Email (12/6/10) to Dr Linda Colley suggesting that a study of redundancy practices by Queensland governments would have improved by addressing the effect of redundancies on the competence of the public sector, as well as on the number of persons involved
Large doses of (federal) medicine have been making states sicker Email (30/3/10) to a journalist (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that 'federal medicine' has been dispensed liberally for decades, and is a major factor in the increasing 'illness' of the states - so further such medicine should be viewed with caution (eg in improving growth management in SEQ)
Surely a more 'government-like' approach would be better Email (20/3/10) to a journalist (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that improvements in policy delivery could best be achieved by the federal government, not by adopting a 'business-like' approach as he had suggested, but rather by being more 'government-like' (ie focusing on creating frameworks in which others can do things efficiently).
The Politics of Deception Email (25/2/10) to Hon Tony Fitzgerald (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that his criticism of the political class as self-serving and deceitful needs to be expanded by taking account of emerging challenges they face and the lack of effective institutional support
Queensland and the Curate's Egg Email (18/2/10) to Dr Janet Ransley (Griffith University) suggesting that though there were good bits in the Queensland 'egg' (specifically some reforms to contain police corruption) other parts of the 'egg' seemed rotten
Politicisation of senior government appointments: the Lesson of History Email (10/2/10) to a journalist, suggesting that it is very important to ensure that checks on the 'merit' of senior government appointments can't be politically manipulated
Can a 'Quick Fix' Make Government Work? Email (17/1/10) to a journalist, with copies to all MLAs, suggesting that the 'dead weight' making effective government in Queensland almost impossible mainly involves ineffectual institutions rather than a few bumbling ministers
Heaven Help Australia's Public Service Email (26 December 2009) to a journalist suggesting caution about federal aspirations to restore a 'Westminster' tradition in the public service as similar aspirations expressed by Goss Government (in which the current Prime Minister had a central role) led to outcomes that were quite the opposite
Transforming Public Servants into 'Puppets' Email (21 December 2009) to head of Crime and Misconduct Commission (with copies to all MLAs) commenting on his expressed concerns about the loss of Public Service independence and effectiveness
We live in a state ruled by populists Email (15 November 2009) to a journalist suggesting that 'populism' which results in ineffectual government is more of a problem for Queensland than NIMBY reactions from the community
SE Queensland's Water Supplies: A Comedy? Email (12 November 2009) to journalist suggesting that there is more to the complexities related to federal decisions to block the Traveston Dam proposal than he had indicated in a comment on the consequences.
Why does Queensland have a financial problem? Email (11 October 2009) to Scott Prasser suggesting that claims that Queensland's financial problems simply reflect large numbers of public servants should be discounted
Federal Public Sector Reform: Business is Well Advised to Pay Close Attention Email (6 October 2009) to Adam Lewis (McKinsey & Co) suggesting that business needs to keep a close eye on public sector reform to guard against inappropriate goals as well as crude methods
Is Kevin Rudd a communist dictator? Email (22 September 2009) supporting Bernard Keane's argument that Mr Rudd should not be viewed as a ' communist dictator' (as some critics suggested) and that the lack of effective Opposition is more important problem (though not the only reason that Australia's system of government needs to be strengthened)
Traveston Dam: The Weirdness Continues Email (14 September 2009) to a journalist (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that it is 'weird' that the federal environment minister is being asked to approve this controversial project on the basis of its environmental benefits when its engineering feasibility seems uncertain
Modernising Queensland Email (31 August 2009) to journalist suggesting that her concerns that modernisation of Queensland over the past 2 decades was only skin deep was valid, and arguably due to the amateurish and mainly-politically-motivated attempts to achieve change
"Nip corruption in the bud": Good idea, but Fitzgerald didn't go far enough Email (12 August 2009) to Professor Ken Wilshire (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that Fitzgerald report was not a textbook on dealing with the systemic causes of political corruption, because it did not recognise administrative incompetence as a key systemic factor in abuses of power.
Warning signs were there at the very start: Too true Email (2 August 2009) to a journalist (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that the early warning signs of potential corruption that had existed in relation to one former ALP minister had applied generally to the government that had been given responsibility for implementation of the Fitzgerald reforms
More about Queensland Inc? Email (31 July 2009) to journalists (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting additional issues that might be considered in relation to growing scandal concerning business / government relationships in Queensland
Reform of Queensland's Institutions: A Bigger Picture View Email (29 July 2009) to Tony Fitzgerald (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that there is a need for more than political commitment to make reform of Queensland's institutions effective
Journey Towards a More Effective 'Fitzgerald Inquiry' Email (25 July 2009) to editor of Journey (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that the answer to her question "What have we learned from the Fitzgerald Inquiry after two decades?" is that: "Good intentions that are not supported by a realistic understanding of what is required for good governance can make complex problems worse".
A Little Scandal? Email (22 July 2009) to Dr Paul Williams (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that the real scandal is not the Gordon Nuttall affair (involving an ex-minister receiving corrupt payments) but rather Queensland's run-down system of government
Bureaucratic Timidity and the Black Saturday Fires Email (2 July 2009) to Professor Robert Manne suggesting that the failure of officials to 'break the rules' in the face of an emerging disaster probably reflects general systemic defects that have been introduced into Australia's public sector
Solving SE Queensland's Transport Planning Woes? Email (29 June 2009) to journalists suggesting that a more straight-forward solution, involving re-creation of a sense of cohesive purpose in a professional and politically-independent public sector, might be more effective that creating a 'super-department' to deal with defects in SE Queensland's transport planning
Fixing Government in Queensland Email (24 June 2009) to Ken Wiltshire suggesting an alternative approach to one he suggested for ensuring good governance in Queensland.
The Emergence of Ineffectual Government Email (10 June 2009) to Ross Fitzgerald with copy to all MLAs suggesting that the problem with the Goss Government may not have just been its failure to achieve much but the legacy of ineffectual government machinery that contributed to ongoing crises and ultimately to severe financial stresses
Queensland's 2009-10 Budget Stress: The Tip of an Iceberg? Email (25 May 2009) to journalist, with copies to all MLAs, suggesting that difficulties being experienced regarding Queensland's 2009-10 budget may be just the tip of an iceberg
Do "We Deserve an Effective Public Sector'? Email (19 March 2009) to Courier Mail with copies to all MLAs suggesting that the Editor's assertion that Queenslanders deserve an effective public sector is incorrect, because citizens are not prepared to put in the effort required to support such a system
Competent Support to Queensland's Political System

Email (29 February 2008) to Scott Prasser suggesting that the LNP's proposed approach to dealing with problems in Queensland's government indicated no more prospect of success than the ALP.

Crony Capitalism in Queensland? Email (16 February 2009) to a journalist suggesting that his concerns about whether political insiders might be perceived to profit improperly from government decisions may be indicative of much bigger problems.
Fixing State Governments Email (19 January 2009) to Julie Novak (IPA) suggesting that more than private sector provision of state governments' non-core service functions is required to make them effective in an environment in which they are under increasing budgetary stress
Improving Queensland's Transport Policy Systems Email (10 December 2008) to Chris Hale commenting on his suggestions about the need for making key appointments from the best candidates and building the 'capacity' of transport industries
A Brain-dead Federal Public Service? What a Surprise!! Email (25 November 2008) to a journalist suggesting causes for the lack of useful policy ideas likely to be available from a purely compliant Public Service, and that this is by no means the only problem in Australia's governance
It's time to fix the failed state Email (18 November 2008) to editor of The Australian  suggesting that: NSW is not the only dysfunctional state government and that problems can't be fixed purely by changes to the political system;
Politicisation of the Bureaucracy Email (13 November 2008) to Bernard Keene suggesting that a politicised bureaucracy can be bipartisan (ie can provide professionally inadequate advice that is politically appealing to the government of the day no matter who controls it - because a desire for 'responsiveness' encourages domination of Services by politically-rather-than-professionally skilled 'yes men')
A Functional and Responsive Bureaucracy? Email (12 November 2008) to Health Minister with copies to all MLAs suggesting that his defence of initiatives to boost public health services missed the point that there were 'whole of government' factors (as well as poor understanding of the desirable limits of political 'responsiveness') that undermined functional effectiveness .
Bullying of Staff by Queensland's Politicians .. Really??

Email (23 October 2008) to Crikey suggesting that recent allegations about bullying of staff by a Queensland politician are nothing new

Perhaps we've all had it Email (19 September 2008) to journalist with copies to all MLAs suggesting that one observers expressed concerns about dysfunctional public institutions in Queensland are neither unusual nor apparently unjustified
Conflicts of Interest with Private Sector Involvement in Infrastructure Funding Email (30 May 2008) to journalist suggesting why it is reasonable to be concerned about the potential for conflict of interest when the private sector influences government commitment to private investment in infrastructure.
Public Service Magic? Email (26 May 2008) suggesting that based on Queensland's experience in the early 1990s, the trendy sounding goals announced for development of the federal Public Service should probably be viewed with alarm
Getting More from the Public Service Email (10 March 2008) to a journalist commenting on her concern with the adverse effect of politicisation on the ability of Public Services to contribute to national policy innovation
'How PM's red tape will bind recalcitrant states' Email (20 January 2009) to a journalist suggesting that the methods that Rudd Government proposes to use to improve government performance in Australia will actually suppress the competent decentralised initiative required to achieve that outcome
Comments on 'Kevin, Julia, Wayne: A Very Weak Start' Email (12 January 2008) to Dr Peter Botsman suggesting that getting 'real' is a major challenge for Australia's new federal government because of the politicisation of the Public Service (ie its dominance by 'yes men' and loss of independent professionalism)
'One big Labor party': Great Fun but there will be a Hangover Email (5 January 2008) to a journalist suggesting that the politically-focused and driven arrangements through COAG which are expected to give direction to future federal / state reforms are unlikely to produce practical solutions
Leading Governments Up the Garden Path? Email (7 December 2007) to a McKinsey partner suggesting that his wise advice about leadership in government has not been practised at times, and that government performance can't be improved if it is viewed as like a business
Putting the 'Genie' of Public Service Professionalism Back into the 'Bottle' Email (3 December 2007) to a journalist (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that governments won't be able to rely (as the newly elected federal government hopes to do) on its Public Service until the latter's professionalism is restored
Caution: 'Sunshine past offers a glimpse of Rudd's style' Email (20 November 2007) to Professor John Wanna (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that his description of the poor administrative practices under Queensland's Goss Government was accurate, but that adverse consequences and cautions about possible future implications also needed to be considered
Smart Casual Kevin: 'Learning' in and 'Outgrowing' the Queensland Public Service? Email (dated 15 November 2007) to a journalist (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that claims about the Queensland Public Service under the Goss administration malign a generally professional body of people - and that the reality was more complex than the flattering claims some political leaders are making about their role in 'reform'
Political and Public Service Reform: Tell him he's dreamin' Email (dated 14 October 2007) to a journalist (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that federal Opposition proposals for reform of government lack credibility, as they reflect similar rhetoric to the pre-election policies of Queensland's Goss Government.
Shredder-gate isn't necessarily 'much ado about nothing' Email (dated 10 October 2007) to The Australian suggesting why it may be unwise to take the lead role in arguing that the Heiner affair is 'much ado about nothing'
Shredder-gate: A 'Cock-up' AND a Conspiracy? Email (dated 19 September 2007) to The Australian endorsing their view that destruction of the Heiner documents was probably a 'cock-up' and suggesting that this was (a) covered up and (b) not the only glossed-over abuse of power in that era
'Harsh reality must be tackled' - a bit sooner please Email (dated 19th September 2007) to a journalist suggesting that the 'peak oil' issue he mentioned needs attention, but that the real problem is that institutional weaknesses cause Queensland to be always very late in responding to such challenges
Queensland's Next Successful Premier Email (dated 9 September) to a journalist, with copies to all MLAs, arguing that Queensland's new premier, under pressure to 'deliver' on crisis ridden functions, won't be successful unless structural / institutional obstacles to better performance are removed
Cleaning Up Queensland's Messes: Is the Law Enough? Email (dated 3 September 2007) to Whistleblowers Association with copies to all MLAs suggesting that there were probably broader issues than non-compliance with the letter of the law involved in the controversial destruction of the Heiner documents
A Plan to Fix the Water Crisis Email (dated 30 August 2007) to a Lord Mayoral candidate suggesting that fixing Brisbane's water crisis (his campaign platform) and preventing similar future crises requires reform of the institutional environment in which local authorities operate
Cleaning Up Queensland's Messes Email (dated 28 August 2007) to a journalist and follow-ons, with copies to all MLAs, seeking information about investigations into the 'Heiner affair' given interstate allegations that Queensland Government claims about their adequacy were false
Might a Change in Federal Government be Worse? Email (dated 25 August 2007) to a journalist suggesting that his concerns about a worse federal government seem realistic, and that change is unlikely until political leaders are prepared to admit their mistakes in doing away with professional support
'Beattie Rejects Heiner Review' Email (date 24 August 2007) to Ms Margaret Wenham, with copies to all MLAs, noting that reference to prior investigations can be a tactic to prevent attention to abuses of power - even where earlier 'investigations' did not deal with the subject in contention
Allocating Blame for SE Queensland's Water Supply Crisis Email (dated 15 August 2007) to a federal Minister suggesting that the causes of SE Queensland's water supply crisis were more complex than cancelling the Wolffdene Dam proposal
Achievements over the Past Decade Email (dated 5 July 2007) to a journalist suggesting that, while there has been a great deal of activity and spending by Queensland's Government, much  of it has been ineffective due to failure to remedy severe damage done to government machinery
Understanding Water Supplies in SEQ Email (dated 10 June 2007) to Director General of Infrastructure Department (with copies to all MLAs) seeking clarification about a departmental publication that appeared to give a misleading impression of the cause of SE Queensland's water supply crisis
'Neglect catches up with Beattie' - 'Sunshine dims as borrowing goes up' Email (dated 8 June 2007) to a journalist (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting the infrastructure neglect in Queensland is not solely due to the present government, and responding to other comments about the 2007-08 state budget
Bureaucrats fear the new Rudd gulag Email (dated 30 May 2007) to a journalist suggesting that claims about political support for public service independence and professionalism bore no relationship to what actually happened under the Goss Government
Red Herrings and the Heiner Documents Email (dated 27 May 2007) to a journalist (with copies to all MLAs) including claims that the argument used to justify destruction of the Heiner documents is just a red herring, with follow-ups to two responses that respectively (a) added further allegations of wrongdoing and (b) suggested that the events merely reflected the Goss Government's inexperience
Official misconduct the Fitzgerald Inquiry missed? Email (dated 23 May 2007) to journalist (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that implementation of Fitzgerald Inquiry reforms was not enough to deal with all official misconduct
Structural Incompetence and SE Queensland's Water Crisis Email submission (dated 22 May 2007) to Senate Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that population growth and drought are not the main causes of SE Queensland's water supply problems
Superficial Accountability Email (dated 21 May 2007) to a journalist (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that more is required for real accountability than procedural formalities and political processes
'Is our System of Government in Queensland Working?': Outline and Commentary Outline of, and comments on, an ABC broadcast on 30 April 2007
Is Power Going 'North' or 'Up in Smoke'? Email to journalists (dated 19 February 2007), with copies to all MLAs, suggesting that Queenslanders will be better off seeking competence, rather than special privileges, from the federal government
Federal Pork for Queensland? Email to Mr Clinon Porteous (dated 6 February 2007), with copies to all MLAs and others, suggesting that any support the federal government provides to reduce Queensland's infrastructure 'mess' should depend on a public assessment of how that mess arose
What is the Value of 'High Level Public Service Experience' in a Bad Government? Email to Professor Patrick Weller (dated 21 January 2007), with copies to all MLAs and others, disputing his claims about the value of 'high level public service experience' under the Goss Government
'Rudd's Ruthless Style Entrenched Labor' Email to Dr Scott Prasser (dated 13 January 2007) suggesting that politicising and centralising administration by the Goss Government  led not only to unsatisfactory progress on Fitzgerald's democratic reform agenda but to practical failures as well as
Integrity of Queensland's Judicial System: A Horse that Bolted Long Ago Email to Queensland Bar Association president (dated 28 December 2006) with copies to all MLA's suggesting that ordering a review of a DPP decision would not be first way in which the integrity of the judicial system has been politically compromised
'Dr Death': the bean-counter Email to journalists (dated 17 December 2006) commenting on their suggestion that Kevin Rudd had acquired his 'Dr Death' nickname with Queensland public servants because of his tight budgetary control
'Patel 'fall guy' for bureaucrats' Email to Mr Tony Morris QC (dated 29 November 2006) and follow-ons with copies to all MLAs, suggesting the need to look beyond bureaucrats, ie at Queensland's centralized / politicised government machinery, in explaining continued problems in Queensland Health
Who stole Question Time? Email to Professor Paul Williams (dated 14 October 2006) with copies to all MLAs disputing his suggestion that making a farce of Question Time was atypical of a system of government that has become more truly democratic since the 1980s
Rebuilding the Public Service?? Email to leader of federal opposition (dated 13 October 2006) with copies to all MLAs arguing that promises about a public service based on merit have no credibility so long as abuses under other ALP-controlled governments remain unresolved.
'Newman digs in to save a city' - but who is going to save the city from Newman? Email to a journalist (dated 10 October 2006) arguing that rebuilding effective institutions would be a better way for political leaders to overcome transport bottlenecks than pushing individual projects.
Queensland's Challenge: A 2006 Report Card (MLA 25) Email to all MLAs (dated 29 September 2006) updating a 2001 review of the challenge facing government in Queensland
Better Leadership of Queensland is Impossible without Administrative Renewal Email to Dr Bruce Flegg, MLA (dated 16 August 2006) with copies to all MLAs suggesting that the vision developed by political leadership will come to nothing without reliable support from a competent and effective administrative machinery
Australia's Future under Labor Email to Secretary ALP's Ryan Election Committee (dated 26 July 2006) with copy to sitting Liberal Member suggesting that institutional reforms to administrative machinery and development of an appropriate philosophy about governing should be the most important goal of a future government
Reform of judicial appointments Email to Mr Martin Daubney (dated 24 July 2006) with copies to all MLAs suggesting that the Bar Association's goal of ensuring that the 'best candidates' get judicial appointments will be hard to achieve if political enthusiasm for cronies and 'yes men' which is revealed in the Public Service is any guide
High & Dry: Paying the Price of Ineffectual Public Administration Email to Mr Matthew Condon (dated 18 July 2006) with copies to all MLAs outlining defects in public administration machinery that have contributed to Brisbane's water supply crisis
Reforming Queensland's State Administration Email to Mr Mark Christenson (dated 23 June 2006) with copies to all MLAs disputing his contention that serious problems in Queensland's public sector could be overcome by a more corporate / business-like approach
The Perils of 'Capital Works Catch-up' Email to journalist (dated 17 March 2006) with copies to all MLAs arguing that undertaking an ambitious capital works program through dysfunctional public administration machinery is likely to produce poor outcomes
The Cost of Honest Effort? Email to community leaders (dated 1 March 2006) pointing out that for many years there has been a solid basis for their concerns that political retribution seems to be meted out to officials who try to act professionally in the public interest 
'Razor gang hits service efficiency’ Email to journalist dated 28 February 2006 (with copies to all MLAs) highlighting the inability of newly established Service Delivery and Performance Commission to achieve its supposed goals.
Politicisation of the Public Service - SIZZLING SUMMER SEMINAR! Email to Institute of Public Administration dated 13 February 2006 suggesting that a loss of competence, rather than unwillingness to provide frank advice, is the main consequence of political interference in the Public Service
'Sickness in the system' Email to Mr Jamie Walker dated 13 February 2006 (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that there were bigger questions that needed attention than the 'sickness' in Queensland Health
Taxpayers Cheated by Incompetent Governance Email to Mr Mike Nahan dated 13 February 2006 (with copies to all MLAs) disputing his suggestion that manifest problems in government service delivery can best be resolved by even greater emphasis on competitive service delivery
'Just doing my job - a sorry excuse' Email to Dr Jacqui Murray dated 3 February 2006 (with copies to all MLAs) endorsing her suggestions that a focus on 'process' rather than 'product' may account for difficulties in Queensland Health, and suggesting the need to look deeper to find the causes of this phenomenon
'Strike out law's biases' Email to Dr David Solomon dated 27 January 2006 (with copies to all MLAs) disputing his view that maladministration and incompetence in the Queensland public sector could be corrected by stronger whistleblower protection
'Queenslanders need to sniff bureaucrat corpses' Email to a journalist dated 27 January 2006 (with copy to all MLAs) disputing his assertion that problems in Queensland's Public Service could be fixed by more purges, and suggesting the need for more fundamental reforms
Overcoming Official Incompetence Email to Dr Scott Prasser dated 9 December 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) arguing that his suggested solution to the problem of official incompetence would not work
'Unjust laws an abuse of power' Email to Hon Mr Tony Fitzgerald QC dated 18 November 2005 supporting concerns he expressed about the state of Australia's democratic processes and suggesting possible causes and remedies
Queensland Public Hospitals: Beyond the Band Aid Solution Email to Mr Jamie Walker dated 15 November 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) reinforcing his expressed concern that proposals for fixing problems in public hospitals were probably only a band-aid
'A Little Caution for Big Smoke' Email to Professor John Minnery dated 4 November 2005 supporting his view that infrastructure mega-projects were likely to be inferior to many smaller initiatives, and pointing out the weaknesses in public administration that both cause and result from a 'major project' fixation.
'Beattie appoints best-paid servant' Email to journalists dated 1 November 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) arguing that 'merit selection processes' run by the Premier's Department were sometimes little but a pretence, and that the Opposition seemed to endorse such charades
'Efficiency review long overdue' Email to Dr Scott Prasser dated 1 November 2005 pouring cold water on his enthusiasm for a proposed Service Delivery and Performance Commission which had been proposed to eliminate Public Service waste / inefficiency.
Crushed Independence Email to Mr David Solomon dated 24 October 2005 offering supportive feedback in relation to his suggestions that attempts in the 1980s and 1990s to make public services more politically responsive went too far
Spreading 'misconduct, inefficiency, incompetence and deficient leadership' Email to Mr Terry Sweetman dated 18 October 2005 suggesting that cultural features like those that plagued Queensland's police system in the 1980s have been spread far more widely by politicisation of public administration
Incompetence in Queensland's Public Administration Email to Ms Janine Walker dated 11 October 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) seeking to add value to her observations about the loss of skills and systemic incompetence in Queensland's administration
'Silence of the Damned' Email to Mr Stephen Coates, dated 11 October 2005 (and follow-ons), suggesting that the lack of fair and just treatment accorded public servants under disciplinary processes that he identified was by no means the only source of such abuses
Fair Play and the Bundaberg Hospital Commission of Inquiry? Email to Dr Janet Ransley dated 28 September 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) arguing that an apparent lack of fairness, that resulted in closure of the Bundaberg Hospital Inquiry, was very common in Queensland's public administration
Queensland's Opposition seems Equally Guilty Email to Dr Bruce Flegg dated 23 August 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) disputing his assertion that a change of government is the best way to deal with problems resulting from politicisation of the Public Service
'Beattie Burger loses its taste' Email to Mr Jim Soorley dated 22 August 2005 suggesting that the loss of effective governance that caused him concern has been developing for a long time, and has complex causes that will prevent a quick fix
'Treat Economic Ills' Email to Mr Nicholas Gruen dated 19 August 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting when problems in the state's health system were likely to have originated and commenting on his views on Queensland's economic strategy.
Putting State's Bureaucracy Under Scrutiny Email to editor of Courier Mail dated 5 August 2005 offering congratulations on identification of system-wide failings in the Public Service and suggesting how the problem might best be remedied
Middle Management from the Top Email to a journalist dated 5 August 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that establishment of a top level committee to fast track infrastructure investments does anything but prove that Queensland has effective structures to get things done.
A Turn Left for Queensland Government? Email to a journalist dated 1 August 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) speculating that ministerial changes might indicate substantial policy changes to address pervasive problems in Queensland's system of public administration
How much have we learnt? Email to Ms Margaret Wenham dated 5 July 2005 suggesting that her account of the establishment of a Child Safety Department contained indications that its development was (predictably) being contaminated by pervasive problems in Queensland's public administration
Proposed Health system solutions require further consideration Email to Bundaberg Hospital Inquiry dated 5 July 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that its draft solutions to problems in Queensland Health would be inadequate because those problems reflected defects in Queensland's overall system of public administration
C'mon Pete its time for action Email to Mr Shane Bowering dated 24 June 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that his proposal to make the Premier's Office responsible for dealing with apparent widespread bullying in the Public Service would be inadequate
Preventing (not just fixing) Dysfunctional Public Administration Email to Premier dated 1 June 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) repeating suggestions that there is a need to do more than fix administrative failures after they occur, and noting that an unwillingness to point out problems that are obvious to professionals seems endemic in Queensland's institutions
More Silencing and Scapegoating of Public Service Employees? Email to Mr Sean Parnell dated 27 May 2005 (with copies to all MLAs) suggesting that the source of the dysfunctional bullying culture in Queensland Health was probably illustrated by a political proposal for reform which deliberately prevented affected Public Servants from having any input
'Terrors within' are not limited the Immigration Department Email to Mr Terry Sweetman dated 16 May 2005 suggesting that his concern about unquestioning bureaucrats exercising blind authority on behalf of the public whose results are being concealed from public view should be less narrowly focused.
'Plague of bullies' Email to Dr William Wilkie and Professor Con Aroney dated 20 April 2005 suggesting an explanation of the causes of the bullying culture in Queensland's public sector that they had publicly expressed concern about
'Crash Course for FOI Chief' Email to Mr Hedley Thomas (with copies to all MLAs) dated 16 March 2005 suggesting that public concern that a recent senior appointment was eroding the 'merit selection system' was well over a decade too late
Queensland's Worst Government Email to Mr Jamie Walker (with copy to all MLAs) dated 25 January 2005 suggesting that a Courier Mail review of the legacy of the Goss administration needed reconsideration
Queensland Infrastructure Report Card Email to Institution of Engineers, dated 10 November 2004, suggesting the need to look deeper than the lack of funding / long term planning to explain the serious deficiencies identified in its Queensland Infrastructure Report Card 
Fear of Rocking the Boat Email to Public Advocate (with copies to all MLAs) dated 18 October 2004 which 'adds value' to his comments about the intolerance of dissent / constructive suggestions shown by Queensland's governmental institutions
Political 'Mates' are a Major Factor in Queensland's Chronically Poor Public Administration Email to General Secretary, QCU (with copies to all MLAs), dated 6 October, disputing her claim that it does not matter if GOC Boards are populated with ALP connections (who are politically perceived to be competent) because the Prime Minister does something similar
Defects in the Independent Panel's Review of the Electricity Network Email to Premier (with copies to all MLAs), dated 8 September 2004, highlighting the narrow terms of reference for the Panel's work, and the parallel between Public Service politicization and the conflicts private firms may also face at times in advising governments
'Premier's men insulated from blame' Email to Premier (with copies to all MLAs), dated 23 August 2004, disputing his assertion in relation to Queensland's electricity crisis that all that is necessary for good government is to fix problems after they arise
Ombudsman's reasons Letter to Dr Bruce Flegg, dated 10 August 2004 (and follow-ups), enclosing Ombudsman's letter of 10 March 1993 which had given his reasons for arguing that professional merit did not need to be considered in SES appointments (and related matters).
A preposterous claim Letter to Acting Public Service Commissioner, dated 17 June 2004 (and follow-ups), disputing (and seeking explanation of) his claims that grievances were 'properly aired and examined'
More on Merit Letter to Dr Bruce Flegg, dated 6 May 2004, providing further examples of merit issues detailed in letter of 15 April
Seeking Natural Justice Letter to Dr Bruce Flegg MP (member for Moggill), dated 15 April 2004 (and follow-ups) seeking support in gaining a meaningful response from the Premier's Department about its refusal to allow professional merit to be considered in making a senior policy R&D appointment
More evidence against Smart State (MLA 24) Email to all MLAs (with copies to other interested persons), dated 4 April 2004, providing further evidence related to email of 22 March, 2004.
A Lack of Substance in Smart State programs? Email to Commerce Queensland, dated 22 March 2004 (with copies to all MLAs), reinforcing CQ's concerns about a lack of substance in key government programs, and highlighting the need for a professional Public Service

Auditing the Queensland Public Service

Email to Commerce Queensland, dated 20 February 2004 (with copies to all MLAs), suggesting how a Public Service 'audit' that CQ had proposed might best be carried out
Accountability of Queensland's senior public servants Email to Ms Madonna King, dated 18 February 2004 (with copies to all MLAs), suggesting that preferred solution to apparent poor performance by senior officials should be professional accountability
Shooting a Messenger is not a Solution to Queensland's Financial Woes Email to Mr Matthew Franklin, dated 16 February 2004 (with copies to all MLAs) disputing his claim that Commerce Queensland should be 'sent to Coventry' for politically biased criticism of Queensland's public finance and administration, as its comments seemed to be a serious understatement of very real difficulties
Real Government Letter to Premier, dated 8 February 2004 and follow-ups, highlighting the need for a professional Public Service if government is not to be just an 'act', and requesting reply to an email of 17 January
State Elections and the Influence of the Queensland Public Service - A Reality Check Email to Mr Craig Johnstone, dated 30 January 2004 (with copies to all MLAs), disputing his claim that a Public Service vote against the Goss Government in 1995 had been due to the Service's conservatism and objection to a 'good shake-up' 
An Abuse of Natural Justice Email to Liberal and Labor candidates in Moggill electorate, dated 19 January 2004, concerning support which would be sought in resolving dispute with Premier's Department.
'Beattie back for more' Email to Mr Jamie Walker, dated 18 January 2004, disputing his claim that the 1995 protest vote against the Goss Government was merely due to incumbency, and that Queensland had 'the best set of books' in the country 
'Minister denied justice: Beattie' Email to Premier, dated 17 January 2004 (with copies to all MLAs) supporting his expressed concern about natural justice for a minister, and requesting his attention to an abuse of natural justice by his Department
Review of CMC's Child Protection Proposals Email to Create Foundation, dated 14 January 2004 (with copies to other interest parties and all MLAs), endorsing its suggestion about further considering how CMC's reform proposals would work in practice, and submitting that it is inevitable that reform of child protection arrangements be little more than a cosmetic cover-up
Proposed Inquiry into Office of Director of Public Prosecutions Lacks Credibility Email to Premier, dated 10 November 2003 (with copies to all MLAs), highlighting problems in expecting the Office of Public Service Merit and Equity to successfully deal with administrative concerns apparently arising from politicisation
Coming soon ..... Episode 2 of the 'Queensland Effect'? Email to Premier, dated 14 July 2003 (with copies to all MLAs and others), highlighting earlier warnings of the risks of repetition of the 'Queensland Effect'

Queensland's career public service serves all sides of politics?

Email to Premier, dated 30 March 2003 (with copies to all MLAs and others), disputing public assertions about the nature of Queensland's Public Service
Review of Public Sector Enterprise Bargaining and the Public Interest (MLA 23) Email to all MLAs, dated 12 September 2002, submitting why  it is contrary to the public interest not to allow public submissions to this Review, and that the enterprise bargaining impasse is a symptom of the unsatisfactory state of Queensland's public administration and finances
Driven to Distraction Email to General Secretary, Qld Public Sector Union dated 17 June 2002 (with copies to others including Premier's Office, and follow-ups), offering congratulations on QPSU highlighting the linkage between breakdown of the Westminster tradition and political bullying of Public Service
More on the Anniversary Letter to Dr David Watson, MP, dated 5 May 2002 (and follow-ups), requesting his understanding of the reasons that the Department of the Premier and Cabinet was never called upon to account for a serious abuse of natural justice
An Anniversary to Remember (MLA 22) EMail to all MLAs, dated 5 May 2002, concerning the 10th anniversary of the demolition of the professional credibility of the Public Service and the ideal of natural justice.
"Putting the victims first" seems to be easier to preach than to practice (MLA 21) EMail to all MLAs, dated 17/12/01, concerning the Premier's view of the need to 'put the victims first' even though leaders can be put into a political straight-jackets by lawyers, which makes it hard to publicly acknowledge abuses within organizations.
On the Need for Real Authority Letter to (new) Director General of Premier's Department (15/11/01 and follow-ups), seeking resolution of a dispute arising from his Department's refusal to allow professional merit to be considered in relation to filling a senior position - which his predecessor had apparently lacked the authority to deal with.
A 'Fair Go' or Hypocrisy? Email to Premier, dated 9/10/01 (with copies to all MLAs), regarding the hypocrisy of the Government's claims about merit and fairness in Public Service appointments, and citing evidence of the breakdown of public administration in Queensland
Fairness in Public Service Appointments EMail to Public Service Commissioner, dated 13/8/01 (and follow-ups) - concerning a stated commitment by the Beattie Government to both merit and fairness in Public Service employment practices
Queensland needs more than illusions about good governance (MLA 20) EMail to all MLAs, dated 24/7/01 (and follow-ups) - concerning claims about the role of illusion in management, and the growing evidence of weaknesses in public services which, in Queensland's case, could lead to a re-emergence of the 'Queensland effect'. 
The Queensland Effect Discussion, dated 14/7/01, of the expression applied to the unexpected loss of an election due to a protest vote - and its origin in public policies and programs that are quite insubstantial.
The Growing Case for a Professional Public Service Summary, initially on 14-7-01, of published documents which indicate increasing concern about the policy and practical failures resulting from the loss of Public Service professionalism 
Public programs: real or 'illusory' Letter to Director General, Department of Premier and Cabinet, 14/7/01 (and follow-ups) -- related to his reported statement that his career success was the result of 'dumb luck' - and that running a major organization involves creating an 'illusion' of direction 
More on Queensland's Challenge Email to Minister for State Development, dated 30/4/01 [copied to all MLAs] -- Concerning (a) his stated view that the government was aware of the difficulties faced and had programs in place to address these and (b) the weaknesses in financial and human resources which destroyed the validity of any such claim.
Queensland's Challenge (MLA 19) Letter to all MLAs, dated 15/3/01 -- Concerning the numerous serious practical difficulties which Queensland faces, and the general failure to consider these in the lead up to the 2001 state election.
Queensland's Public Service and Alleged AWU Practices for Filling Positions  (MLA 18) Letter to all MLAs, dated 6/11/00 -- Concerning (a) allegations about AWU practices for filling important positions (b) the Premier's Department's lack of response to a request of 6/10/00 and (c) the importance of Public Service professionalism
Why the dispute is not being solved Letter to Senior Policy Advisory, Department of Minerals and Energy, 18/10/00 -- Suggesting reasons why a simple and honest response to issues raised about merit in Public Service appointments is not yet likely.

Relationship between Alleged AWU Practices and Government in Queensland


Letter to Shepherdson Inquiry, dated 11/10/00 --  Drawing a parallel between (a) the rorting practices allegedly used for filling key positions in the ALP by persons with AWU links and (b) the practices used in 'reform' of the Public Service by AWU-dominated ministerial offices under the Goss Government in the early 1990s.
ALP / AWU Practices for Filling Positions Letters to Director General. Department of Premier and Cabinet, 6/10/00 -- Requesting reconsideration of dispute as set out in letter of 10/7/98 in view of allegations to the Shepherdson inquiry about a rorting culture in the AWU (the dominant Goss Government faction) in relation to filling important positions  [Copied to all MLAS]
    and 14/11/00 -- in relation to the said DG's claimed lack of authority to deal with such issues.
More on Merit in Public Service Appointments Letter to Premier, dated 12/9/00 -- Concerning reasons that his claim about merit in senior appointments and professionalism in the Public Service can't be taken seriously.
Merit in Public Service Appointments Letter to Queensland's newly established Office of Merit and Equity, 28/8/00  -- Concerns (a) an unresolved dispute about the Premier's Department's explicit refusal to allow professional merit to be considered in relation to a senior appointment (b) consequences of the loss of Public Service professionalism and professional credibility (c) the need for Statutory Office holders to 'blow the whistle' on Public Service failings and (d) a proposal for Public Service renewal
More Evidence of the Need for Public Service Renewal (MLA17) Letter to all MLAs, 9/8/00 -- Concerns (a) the inability of the State Infrastructure Plan to reliably identify productive infrastructure options (b) the critical importance of doing so when deficit funding is used for 'strategic' investments and (c) the prospects that Queensland will experience financial failures similar to Victoria's Cain administration.
      This also includes an outline of Queensland's defective economic tactics, strategy and outcomes during the 1990s, which illustrate the types of professional issues involved in the dispute mentioned here.
A Renewed Public Service for Queensland (MLA16) Letter to all MLAs, 20/4/00 -- Suggests a process for restoring a professional basis for Public Service in Queensland.
The Role of Statutory Office Holders when the Public Service Fails (LCARC) Letter to Mr Gary Fenlon, MLA, Chair, Queensland Legal, Constitutional and Administrative Review Committee, 15/3/00 -- Concerns government interference in appointing a consultant to review the Ombudsman's Office after a study by Professor Wiltshire had stated that the Ombudsman's growing workload suggested the need to be alert to systemic problems in public administration.
The Role of Statutory Office Holders when the Public Service Fails (PAC) Letter to Mr Ken Hayward, MLA, Chair, Public Accounts Committee, 17/2/00 -- Concerns the critical role of the Auditor General in areas where the effect of Public Service failures are first likely to be revealed.
Public Service Failure - Issues for QAO Letter to Mr Len Scanlan, Auditor General, 22/12/99 -- Suggesting (a) despite the role which the Queensland Audit Office plays, things are not going well (b) six issues which are relevant to the Auditor General may be where the impact of Public Service politicisation / amateur-isation will first become critical.
Responsibility of Statutory Officers (QAO) Letter to Mr Len Scanlan, Auditor General, 21/11/99 -- Asks about the responsibility of Statutory Office holders when things go wrong due to a lack of professional support to governments by a politicised Public Service.
A 'Toy' Innovation Infrastructure for Queensland (MLA15) Letter to all MLAs, 5/11/99 -- Illustrating the impact of poor policy and administrative support to government in relation to developing a productive modern economy in Queensland.
The Effect of Public Service Politicisation (CJC) Letter to Mr Brendan Butler, Criminal Justice Commission, 18/10/99 -- Suggesting that despite the interest which the CJC has in the problem of politicisation, it is not feasible for non-experts to evaluate its adverse effect on Public Service competence.
An Operation is not Really Successful if the Patient Dies (QAO, CJC) Letter to Mr Len Scanlan, Auditor General, 3/10/99 [copied to Mr Brendan Butler, Chair, CJC] -- Suggests that the investigations of the GOCORP affair by QAO and CJC, which found that no one did anything wrong, only considered whether correct procedures were followed, not whether those who did so were competent.
A Real Strategic Capability in the Queensland Public Service Two complementary letters to Mr Rob Whiddon, Premier's Chief of Staff, 24 and 25 September 1999 -- Concerning the constraint which politicisation applies to having BOTH  (a) the advanced knowledge and (b) the practical experience required for realistic strategic capabilities in the Public Service - a capability which the Beattie Government was said to value.
Politicisation of Senior Appointments in the Australian Public Service, Letter to Professor Richard Mulgan, 23/9/99 -- Regarding the need for even greater concern about the effect of politicisation on competence than even his useful analysis of the Commonwealth's situation suggested [copied to all MLAs].
Why failure due to politicisation surprises the political elites Letter to Ms Julie Attwood, MLA, 21/8/99 -- Regarding gaps in knowledge and understanding which allow failures due to politicisation to come as a nasty shock to governments (and as a surprise to journalists and academics).
Queensland's Biggest Future Problem: A Damaged Public Service  (MLA14) Letter to all MLAs, 23/7/99 -- recording further anecdotes from experienced observers about limitations in Public Service capabilities.
Deficiencies in Opposition's Approach to Senior Public Service Appointments, Letter to Mr Lawrence Springborg, MLA, 10/6/99 following his response to a letters of 28/5/99 -- Outlining seven reasons why the Opposition's approach (which does not even pretend that merit should be required in senior appointments) is inadequate.
Deficiencies in Government's Approach to Public Service Appointments Letter to Premier, 31/5/99 following a response to a letter of 28/4/99 -- Concerning (a) three reasons why the Government's approach to Public Service merit is inadequate (ie: it does not acknowledge past injustices; it seeks to imply that past appointments where merit did not really have to be considered were 'meritorious'; and it ignores the need for those who select appointments on merit to themselves have appropriate knowledge and skills); and (b) defective assumptions underpinning 're-engineering' of the Public Service.
Does Parliament Also Support Public Service Politicisation? (MLA13) Letter to all MLAs, 28/5/99 -- Concerning (a) anecdotes from experienced observers without leading questions indicating the difficult predicament facing the Public Service; (b) the destruction of intangible Public Assets through politicisation and (c) the costs of this to the community.
Autocratic Ignorance Purges the Public Service Attachment to letter to Premier and to Leader of the Opposition of 28/4/99 - which gave a detailed account of one process whereby politicisation inadvertently purged Public Service competence.
Politicisation Lowers Public Service Standards and Performance Letter to Premier and to Leader of the Opposition, 28/4/99 [with copies to all MLAs] - concerning their reported bipartisan support for politicisation that has created a shaky foundation of ineptitude and injustice for our Public Service 
Queensland's Weak Parliament Letter to Ms Libi Coyer, 16/3/99 -- Concerns evidence of, and probable reasons for, Parliament's limited effectiveness in Queensland related to (a) the dominance of the Executive (b) the lack of relevant raw material for policy - partly due to the under-developed character of Queensland's economy. [Copied to all MLAs]
The Heiner Documents: Why did the Public Service also turn a blind Eye? (MLA12) Letter to all MLAs, 3/3/99 -- Pointing out that in dealing with documents alleging child abuse, the Public Service proved unable to act independently in the public interest in the early 1990s.
Public Service merit under the Beattie Government Letter to Hon Mrs Wendy Edmond, MLA, 20/12/98 - Arguing that her endorsement of the processes of the Beattie Government in promoting Public Service merit is invalid because (a) Chief Executive positions were politicised (b) this affects the Service as a whole and (c) there are unresolved injustices which must be dealt with before a professional career Service could be credible.
Planning for the Future: The Need for Competence in Senior Administrators (MLA11) Letter to all MLAs, 11/12/98 -- Arguing that many factors make it difficult for Queensland to reliably plan for a prosperous future, a difficulty which recent events have increased.
One MLA takes Public Service Merit seriously Letter to Mr Santo Santoro, MLA, 24/10/98 - Noting that (a) his endorsement of Public Service merit was the first from any MLA in six years of making representations however (b) it is not acceptable to regard injustices as irresolvable. [Copied to all MLAs]
Why professionalism matters (MLA10) Letter to All MLAs, 28/9/98 -- Arguing the need to ensure that senior appointments are not based on political opportunism because of growing problems such as (a) public dissatisfaction with past efforts to manage economic change (b) lack of public trust which politicians suffer and (c) public sector instability.
On the Path to an Economic and Public Service Mess (MLA 9A) Letter to all MLAs, 1/9/98 --  Concerns communication with Dr Glyn Davis, Department of Premier and Cabinet, 28/8/98 - which demonstrated his refusal to re-examine the early 1990s abuse of natural justice involved in refusing to allow merit to be considered in making a senior appointment - or even to acknowledge what the issue in the dispute is.
A Careful Examination of the Issues? Letter to Dr Glyn Davis, Department of Premier and Cabinet, 28/8/98 congratulating him on his Department's unique ability to 'careful examine the issues' raised in an earlier letter (10/7/98) without even mentioning what those issues were. 
Crippling the Public Service - Again? (MLA 8) Letter to all MLAs, 4/8/98 -- Concerns (a) continuance of outrageous treatment that the author had been subjected to before (b) costs of a purely compliant Public Service and (c) the crippling of the Public Service again despite promises of a 'new deal' and (d) the risk of an economic and administrative mess.
Abusing Natural Justice Letter to Dr Glyn Davis, Department of Premier and Cabinet, 10/7/98 -- (a) requesting action to end a dispute arising from his Department's prior refusal to allow merit to be considered in a grievance about the process of restructuring and re-staffing and (b) outlining background to that case.

Numerous earlier documents exist, of which an overview is presented in Abusing Natural Justice.