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12 September 2000

Hon Mr Peter Beattie, MLA
Premier of Queensland

Re: Merit in Public Service Appointments

Thank you for your letter of 8/9/00 which confirms your government's support for persons being "appointed to public service vacancies on the basis of merit .. (so as to) ensure that a professional public service exists to effectively deliver services to the people of Queensland".

Unfortunately such worthy goals are easy to say, but hard to achieve. And the evidence available to me places a large credibility gap in the path of accepting your claim. In particular:

However the real problem with pretended commitment to Public Service merit is not the resulting farce. Rather it is that the real initiatives urgently needed to cope with our difficult and risky environment are not being taken. We now lack the institutional capability to develop credible and realistic proposals both in our small business / branch office community, and in our politically-focused Public Service. Queensland's people could pay a high price for this.

[Signed John Craig]