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17 January 2004

Mr Peter Beattie,
Premier of Queensland

'Minister denied justice: Beattie'

I should like to strongly support your expressed concern for natural justice (Macfarlane D., and Wilson A., The Australian, 16/1/04). You were referring particularly to the processes used by Q-Compo which apparently allowed release of an adverse determination against one of your ministers (Ms Merri Rose) even though she had had no opportunity to respond.

However I should also like to submit that natural justice not only requires the formality of a hearing but also that the person conducting it have the ability to understand the issues involved.

On this basis I again request that you take action to rectify a gross abuse of natural justice which arose when your Department refused to allow professional merit to be considered in investigating a matter related to the making of a senior Public Service appointment.

Details of this damaging abuse of power were first drawn to the attention of your Government in a letter of 10 July 1998 to the then Acting Director General of your Department. They are also available in an up-dated form in Autocratic Ignorance Purges the Public Service.

In relation to this I note again that:

I look forward to your favourable response to this request that you take action to redress an abuse of natural justice that is within your power.