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30 March 2003

Email to Hon Mr Peter Beattie, MLA
Premier of Queensland

Queensland's career public service serves all sides of politics?

I refer to your reported assertion that Queensland has a 'career public service' .... 'who serve all sides of politics' (Parnell S. 'Beattie gags bureaucrats', Courier Mail. 29/3/03).  You seem to have made this astonishing claim as a justification for prohibiting bureaucrats from speaking to the media about politically sensitive issues.

In this respect I should like to draw your attention to just four out of dozens of indicators that your claim is false:

Queensland's current Public Service has been built on a foundation of ineptitude and injustice. It is simply laughable to describe it as a 'career service' ... 'who serve all sides of politics'.

While this arose mainly as a result of poorly conceived and incompetently managed 'reform' under the Goss Government, several other governments (including your own) have contributed to this disgraceful state of affairs.

Yours faithfully

John Craig