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Email dated 24/8/07

Ms Margaret Wenham
Courier Mail

'Beattie Rejects Heiner Review'

In a recent article (Courier Mail, 21/8/07) you noted that:

  • despite calls from a number of legal heavyweights, Queensland's Premier rejected any further investigation of alleged injustices arising from the 17-year old Heiner inquiry - on the grounds that the matter had been extensively investigated previously;
  • the closure of the Heiner inquiry and the shredding of documents is officially rationalized on the grounds that it had been improperly constituted and that witnesses who gave evidence thus had no protection from possible defamation actions.

While I have no inside knowledge of the Heiner affair, I should like you to be aware that:

  • abuses of power (probably due to the ignorance and autocratic style of the political cronies given administrative power) were a feature of the Goss administration, eg see Reform of Queensland Institutions - or a Rising Tide of Public Hypocrisy? and History of Public Service Bullying;
  • claims that matters have been subject to many earlier investigations seem to have been a favoured defence against real investigation of abuses. For example, the present writer was subjected to a clear abuse of power (ie a refusal by the Premier's Department to allow professional merit to be considered in relation to the making of a senior Public Service appointment). Attempts to gain redress were met firstly by waffle, which did not even mention the question that needed investigation, and later by reference to the many earlier 'investigations' that had been carried out (see A Preposterous Claim); and
  • a former Police Commissioner (Mr Noel Newnham) has argued that the reasons still officially used to justify destruction of the Heiner documents were mere 'red herrings' and invalid (see Red Herrings and the Heiner Documents)


John Craig