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12 September 2002

Email to all Members of the Legislative Assembly

Review of Public Sector Enterprise Bargaining and the Public Interest

As you will be aware, a Review of Public Sector Enterprise Bargaining has been commissioned by the State Government.   

I wish to submit for your consideration that it is not in the public interest for this Review to be conducted behind closed doors, and without soliciting public submissions.   

A copy of an email to the Premier is reproduced below, which argues this point in more detail.  

Moreover the impasse which developed in relation to enterprise bargaining in Queensland seemed to be a symptom of the unsatisfactory state of public administration and finance in Queensland to which I referred in numerous previous emails (eg see documents on my web-site dated 5 May 2002 17 December 2001; 24 July 200115 March 2001; and earlier).  

Hon Mr Peter Beattie,
MLA Premier of Queensland  

Dear Mr Beattie,  

I refer to a response from your Chief of Staff (10 September 2002 - your ref 9127/AC/EP) in relation to my inquiry of 8 August about arrangements being made for public submissions to the Review of Public Sector Enterprise Bargaining. He noted that public submissions are not being sought, and that the review process is to be conducted in consultation with 'key participants in enterprise bargaining in the state public sector'.  

Under these circumstances I appreciate his action in forwarding a copy of my correspondence and of the article on my web-site [which would have been the basis of my submission if one had been permitted] to the review team.  

HOWEVER, it is unsatisfactory that public submissions are not being sought, as there seem to be important public interests which may not be considered or protected by a closed negotiation amongst insiders.  About the Review of Public Sector Enterprise Bargaining (on my web-site) suggests that problems are likely because:

Moreover the unsatisfactory state of Queensland's public sector administration and financing (which seem likely to be the real cause of difficulties in resolving the the enterprise bargaining impasse) could easily be swept under the table if public submissions are not required.