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The purpose of this document is to illustrate the types of ideas that are circulating. The need for care in assessing such ideas is addressed in About Conspiracy Theories

Roman catholicism

Opus Dei (the 'Work of God') is an organisation with some 80,000 members worldwide which is primarily concerned with promoting individual holiness - not by withdrawing from the world but by working within it. Critics see it as a secretive power bloc in nations and governments - like a combination of Moonies, Masons and mafia. It bears resemblance to a cult. It was founded in 1928 (Eagleton T 'A fraternal correction', FR, 12/5/06).

Disasters When there is a devastating earthquake, some see it as natural to blame the world's authorities. Regional governments are given some of the blame. Environmentalists have suggested that the earthquake was caused by global warming in turn caused by US motorists. There have been rumours that a US military base was forewarned of the disaster but did nothing about it because of a plot to undermine Islamic movements in Indonesia and Thailand (Baker G 'Tsunami must be fault of US', A, 31/12/04).
Osama bin Laden Bin Laden's claim is a video-tape of 29/10/04 of responsibility for the September 11 attacks in America and praising Mohamed Atta as the "overall commander" proves that he is a CIA / Illuminati asset - and that al Qaeda is a CIA operation to provide the US with an excuse for attacking the middle east. (PM 1/11/04)
Central Bankers Ruppert [author of Crossing the Rubicon] is an agent of the bankers (or directed by them), to capture those who open to conspiracy research to blame Cheney (an expendable hireling) for the 911 atrocities. Central banking manipulations of world finance are the cause of this broadening economic crisis, NOT oil). But they want the masses to believe that it was caused by oil shortage - so they allow some truth about 911 to come out (implicating the neocons). This is like Michael Moore's blaming of Bush/Cheney and Saudi Arabia, but never mentioning the banking families behind the Fed, Bank of England, World Bank, etc. The whole Zionist/neocon/Israeli cause that has developed over the last century is exactly that also - a feint to stir up war and root out their enemies (PM 16/9/04)
Media CNN (as with all polling organizations such as Time, Gallop, USA Today) is an agent of CIA in manipulating people into believing that public opinion supports US  government. It reflects a Zionist rather than US agenda. Operation 'Mockingbird' was started 40 years ago whose goal was simply to control all mechanisms of opinion - the print news, the public opinion polls and the television news media. Their thinking was, if you control what people think, you've won the war before it has even begun (QK 7/4/03)
September 11 David Ray Griffin, in  The New Pearl Harbor, all but accuses the Bush administration of taking a dive on September 11 and giving Al Qaeda terrorists an unobstructed shot at the World Trade Center. According to Griffin, a case can be made that the Bush administration arranged the attack, or allowed it to happen. He claims 4 items as evidence (a) slow response by US jets to aircraft hijacking (b) physical evidence of what crashed into Pentagon does not fit with claim that it was Flight 77 (eg hole was too small, and penetration too deep - and no sign of plane in any photographs); (c) possibility that Flight 93 was shot down - when passengers were trying to get control of aircraft perhaps to prevent highjackers being interviewed (d) indications that WTC was brought down by explosives. Lack of discussion of these issues could result from oaths taken by intelligence agencies. The motivation for such actions could have been to gain support for patriot Act - which gives government increased powers, and gaining access to oil (eg building pipelines was seen as too dangerous with Taliban in power). Also senior members of Bush administration had wanted to attack Iraq for a long time. The main issue has to be oil, given that world is starting to run out and US way of life (and military) depends on this.  Itís also about geopolitical dominance (including proposals for a U.S. Space command). The American media has been asleep on this. US democracy is in much worse shape than had been imagined, and even the appearance of democracy might be quickly swept aside. (Welsh N., 'Thinking Unthinkable Thoughts', Santa Barbara Independent, 1/4/04)

Experiments suggests that cell-phones could not have been used from hijacked aircraft as official story suggests (PM 27/3/03)

Also all towers that collapsed were either owned by or leased by the one man - who has strong Israeli links. (PM 26/3/03)

The US administrations account of events is implausible - with suspicion about: explosions bringing down twin towers; collapse of adjacent build not hit by planes; finding of evidence about conspirators; failure to capture images of any terrorists on security videos etc (PM 24/3/03).

US president allowed 911 attacks to happen - or was involved in planning them. the main reason for attack against Iraq is to prevent attention to what happened The attacks could not have happened without Defense system failures; towers could not have collapse due to burning fuel; FBI had long been investigating such attacks; hijackers names were released impossibly soon; Patriot Act - a response to the event - had been drafted earlier etc  (PM 24/3/03)

Experienced CIA operatives did not believe bin Laden responsible. Those guilty were IMF, World bank and WTO which are owned by US Federal reserve which acts as front for International Bankers (who are mainly Jewish and) who are implementing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Similarly Hamas and al Qaeda were designed by MI6, the CIA and Mossad  (PM 23/3/03)

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld and others are guilty of mass-murder to provoke two wars for the profit and power of their own deviant elites. There is positive proof that a Boeing did not hit the Pentagon (QK 23/3/03)

Israel  knew about the 911 attack in advance, but had much less need to organize it than the Bush administration (PM 19/3/03)

FBI paid the rent for 'terrorists' who were simply would-be James Bonds (PM 15/3/03)

Mysterious Asian / East European gangsters persuaded hackers to steal $1.5bn from NY bank that was concealed by attack on twin towers  (PM 14/3/03)

Afghanistan Russia was lured into invading Afghanistan by the CIA in order to give it a 'Vietnam' (PM 6/4/03)
Bali bombing A Jakarta journalist was sacked for exposing CIA links to the Bali bombing (PM 30/3/03)
US Motives


Hijacking Catastrophe, Fear and the Selling of American Empire suggests that US neo-cons have a two-decade, three administration plan to take advantage of the failure of USSR in order to 'take over the world' (Gates A 'Film suggests US has plan to rule the world', Indystart.Com, 23/10/04)

The US is out to establish its sovereignty as superior to all others - and is over-emphasizing the role of military power (PM 16/3/03)

US can't validly attack Iraq just because it has WMD - when US also has them (PM 17/2/03)

Bush's foreign policy is based on faith. The administrations recent "National Security Strategy of the United States of America" presumed that the US had the moral right to run the planet. Offense was seen as the best means of defense.  This seems like the crusaders of old.  Faith is currently expressed as a plan to invade Iraq and turn it into a democratic model in the middle east - despite earlier protestations about not getting involved in nation building. This plan is based on faith that the ingredients needed for a successful democracy exist in Iraq - where given the violent ethnic, religious, and political conflicts that ravage this unfortunate country, it may not be viable under any form of government except dictatorship. (DC 12/2/03)

US behaviour


There is a breathtaking crime being committed in Iraq. From history it is clear that governments lie, but the Bush administration is particularly immoral and being aided in hiding its original crime by the media - and this undermines the whole political system. There is a 'smoking gun' memo (widely available in UK) which proves that everything the Bush administration said about the Iraq invasion is a lie. It then: involved US in illegal war that alienated the rest of the world; provoke the war's victims and the Islamic world generally; tied up all US land forces and incurred huge costs; and killed (perhaps) 100,000 Iraqis. The two organs most involved in political coverage (New York Times and Washington Post) have not covered this story though they know about it. This adds to their culpability in failing to cover administration claims of bogus Iraqi threats. Nothing better can be expected of right wing politicians and media, but mainstream media has also conspired. This story that is not being told involves a memo leaked by high level patriot in UK which proves the deceit of UK / UK publics  about Iraq war. It is described as extremely sensitive. It details minutes of UK war cabinet in July 2002, including briefings from Bush administration. UK officials do not dispute its authenticity - though it proves the Bush administration saw invasion of Iraq as inevitable by July 2002, and wanted to remove Saddam through force - thus claims that Bush did not have a war plan on his desk were lies. Subsequent actions (eg going to Congress, going to UN, sending in weapons inspectors, pulling them out with work unfinished, seeking and then rejecting Iraq report on WMD) were only for public relations purposes. Reports by former Treasury Secretary (O'Neill) and former terrorism czar (Clarke) about Bush's plan to attack Iraq from the beginning were correct - though administration attacked them. Memo shows that US / UK governments knew case for war against Iraq was weak (as Saddam was no real threat to neighbours, and had less WMD capability than some others) and would have to be justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD.  Former Deputy Defense Secretary (Wolfowitz) was right in saying that the WMD argument was decided on for "bureaucratic reasons," (ie as the most effective public relations device). Both administrations manipulated intelligence to get what they wanted in order to justify the war, and knew that they were doing so. The memo states, "...the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." This makes clear that the decision to invade had nothing to do with facts or any sort of real threat. Rather, it was simply a preference of the Bush administration. The war was illegal. Kofi Annan and the international community clearly believed that the war was a violation of international law. But we now also know that the British Attorney-General  "said that the desire for regime change was not a legal base for military action. Knowing that the war was neither legal nor morally justifiable, the US / UK governments sought to make the war politically acceptable by baiting Saddam with weapons inspectors. Well before the war was nominally 'justified,' it had already begun. The memo also proves the strategic incompetence of the administration by noting that that "There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action." Overall there is clear evidence of lies told to the US and world publics about the invasion of Iraq, a war which was neither legally nor morally justified. On top of that, the US's fourth estate has abdicated its role and responsibility to present this information to the public. Though eighty-nine members of Congress have noted the items described above and have sent a letter to the president demanding a response this has not been covered in media. The opposition party is hiding. The public is frightened and ill-informed. US democracy is in trouble. Leading organs of US journalism must cover this - for the sake of innocent Iraqis, US soldiers and US democracy. Truth is the greatest weapon of all. (Green D. M., 'Stop the Crime of the Century', 21/5/05)

Allegations exist of US  involvement in overthrow of democratically elected Allende Government in Chile [1]

Dissent is being suppressed, and the media manipulated. Contracts are being let to those with political connections (QK 27/3/03)

America's most powerful leaders need to be arrested for crimes against humanity. This include: making false statements and perjury; extortion and blackmail; unlawful imprisonment; theft and bribery; obstruction of justice; criminal conspiracy in destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the deliberate poisoning of people; espionage; treason; and mass murder of innocent people. Despite the lies about reasons for torturing innocent people in Iraq, there is no doubt of the lies about 911. Most people know that so-called Muslim terrorists were not responsible - rather the highest levels of US government to advance its evil, police-state agenda. The war on terror is a ruse to enrich those invested in war machine. It is really a war on freedom. The US is now a laughing stock, but the laughing stops when bush deploys his nuclear weapons. No one in the world is safe, and America is to blame. , as many people already know. (QK 18/3/03)

US public has been subjected to campaign of lies and propaganda since 911 - with passive media compliance. The intent in Iraq is to install a puppet regime, which is what is meant by 'democracy'. (DC 4/3/03)

US leadership is never embarrassed about beating up small countries. A major reason for this is that censorship of images prevents human consequences being obvious - and demonization of opponents. US is self-appointed world policeman, who has supported regional dictators. The US was able to wage war in Vietnam without UN opposition, and can now pressure the UN to legalize an attack on Iraq. (PM 19/2/03)

Energy strategy Plans were laid in 1970s during oil crisis for US to gain control of Middle Eastern oil - which has 2/3 of global resource. For global hegemony, US must control key resources - especially oil. Iraq is strategic prize of unparalleled importance. Arrangements have been made with dissidents who want power for oil. But US is interested in oil for power over others, not as energy. US has long been growing necessary military capacity. The hawkish, pro-Israel neo-cons took up this agenda. Stages in implementation involved: rapid deployment force; central command in Gulf; Gulf War; boosting presence by weapons dumps and no-fly zones in Iraq; Afghanistan to boost military budget; and finally Iraq. Later action is intended against Saudi Arabia - as kernel of evil. All Gulf nations are seen as failed states, that need US redirection. "The Geopolitics of Energy Into the 21st Century," concluded that the world will find itself dependent for many years on unstable oil-producing nations. The region is vital to US interests. Asia's demands - especially China's will increase significantly. The US oil industry is suggesting that Middle Eastern oil be shifted from state to private ownership. Oil companies see what is being done in Iraq as far too risky, and likely to get out of control (Dreyfus R., The Thirty Year Itch, 10/3/03)
US President 911 attacks were authorized by US President Bush - according to an ex-advisor to Presidential candidate Gore who had written a thesis on turning US into Presidential dictatorship by staging a phony 'Pearl Harbour' attack (Buyea T. Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks,, 17/9/04)

In the 1980s, US President Bush was in business partnerships with Saddam Hussein which resulted in money being swindled for benefit of Bush Crime Family - which operated in collaboration with Queen of England (PM 24/3/03)

Claim to Congress about evidence related to Iraq's nuclear program was false (PM 15/3/03)

"From its conception of economics in terms of the exploitation of cheap labor and the plundering of non-renewable natural resources and its plan to replace the modern social safety net with "faith-based" religious charity, to its minimal-government political theory, its bellicose militarism, and its Bible Belt Christian Zionism, the second Bush administration illustrates the centuries-old traditions of the Southern oligarchy, of which the traditional Texan elite is a regional variant." (DC 5/3/03)

Climate Evidence has accumulated that cloud-generation technologies are being used to change the natural course of meteorological and oceanographical events by changing lower-atmosphere pressure -- ie clandestine weather modification. (QK 17/3/03)
Space Shuttle


Israeli astronaut on space shuttle Colombia was monitoring emissions over Iraq seeking evidence of WMD. The monitor would have required independent power source - presumably nuclear using fissionable material americium-242 - developed in Israel. Colombia wreckage was said to be hazardous - without explanation. NASA is reportedly considering americium-242 nuclear engines for future space craft - with 10X speed advantage. It would also power space weaponry - which is illegal under UN conventions. To get support for such capability, US might have sacrificed Colombia and intend to show this as result of using out-moded technology.   Alternately Colombia loss may have been the result of high-energy experiment that went wrong. (PM 16/2/03)

Nobody is talking about the experiments by an Israeli astronaut that may have brought down space shuttle Columbia. Despite controversial photos of lightning hitting the craft, and knowledge that Ilan Ramon was working on a new way to spy on Iraq, the phrase "americium-242" ó which is apparently the new technology to take us to Mars ó remains hidden from the public. As Yoichi Clark Shimatsu wrote: "The negative charge of the high-energy electron pulse from the americium-242 would attract the positive charge of the gas plasma generated by sprites (lightning is positive in the upper elevations) .... A lightning burst would account for the sudden surge in temperature, the immediate shutdown of heat sensors and communications systems (why the ghostly "last words" were never transmitted to NASA monitors), and for the tumbling that sent Columbia, a flaming chariot of the heavens, to her doom." Ramon was testing an infrared spy camera that can see through clouds. (PM 16/2).



When Iraq was first occupied by the British in 1917, it was offered propaganda about liberation through occupation (QK 27/3/03)

Many US combat deaths were discovered by Arab film crew - and concealed by US authorities (QK 27/3/03)

Attack against Iraq is likely to be followed by one against Iran in mid 2003 (QK 26/3/03)

Attack is based on Iraqi oil, defending Israeli interests, the opportunity to test new weapons, economic rejuvenation of economy by military orders. The United States will turn into the centre of a global empire, where Washington will decide the fates of governments, divide up the riches of foreign economies and impose democracy in its own, American sense of the word (PM 20/3/03)

Reports of atrocities by Iraqi regime (shredding people) are merely invented propaganda (PM 19/3/03)

ex CIA analyst suggests that US is seeking to control oil, to ensure that there is no uncontrolled supply that would hinder the US from price fixing.  Also do not want Iraq to become an independent self-sufficient state that would force the US to share power over the Middle East.  Administration is tool of the military and industrial complex (PM 15/3/03)

Oil and Israel explain US intention to attack Iraq - though no one in Israel can see how this would help them (DC 14/3/03)

US has to attack Iraq because Iraq has ceased trading oil in $US and switched to euros - and the US will be wrecked (through currency weakness) when all of OPEC follows. [Most of the discussion concerned the costs to Iraq of this move - being paid in weakening currency and higher exchange costs] (QK 22/2/03) 

[Schell ' Case against war'] US ambition is to prevent WMD being obtained by terrorists. However it can not threaten North Korea. One suggestion was to get China to do so, by threat of nuclear armed Japan. [Fisk 'Case against war'] Blix has refuted American 'evidence' about Iraq. The complaint against Iraq concerns WMD it does not have, and crimes against civilians which were OK when Iraq was 'one of ours'. [PM 16/2/03] -

Evidence against Iraq presented by Powell is thin and has been discredited. Hussein is seen as substitute for bin Laden who could not be found. The main evidence against Hussein was photos of outpost supposedly involved in producing chemical weapons - which when inspected was found to lack necessary infrastructure.  A British report on Iraqi activities was shown to be based on 12 year old graduate paper by Israeli. Intelligence agencies would not confirm the stories told by Bush and Blair, bacsue they do not believe that there is a link between al Qaeda and Hussein. Hussein is a secular apostate - quite unacceptable to al Qaeda. (DC 14/2/03)

 [pat Buchanan] there is no reason to attack Iraq - despite its WMD and deception of UN. Iraq was not connected with 911 attacks. Iraq is no threat to its region - even Saudi Arabia fears Iraq's breakup - more than its attack. The US adopted a doctrine of pre-emption against rogue states. But Iraq is the least threatening of the 'Axis of Evil'. (DC 13/2/03)

Israel / Jews


Israel need to be seen as the 'new mafia' - because of it operates a criminal conspiracy (QK 22/10/03)

The person nominated to administer Iraq post Sadam has strong Israeli sympathies (QK 27/3/03)

The only WMD in the Middle East are Israel's - and it could be planning to use them to resolve the Palestinian question (PM 14/3/03)

Jews are publicly being seen as the principle force behind proposed attack on Iraq (PM 14/3/03)

US attack proposed against Iraq has been suggested, but can not be:  based on its security concerns; related to WMD because Iraq didn't use them in the First Gulf War; over oil - which can't be correct as (a) it would not allow a single lobby group to dominate policy and (b) increased oil output could be achieved by reducing sanctions; protecting the status of $US though linking it to value of oil - noting that Iraq had linked oil price to Euro, which is not likely as US allies control OPEC; civilizational fight with Islam - but France and Germany are opposed; conflict with Islamists - then why fight a most secular Arab regime. But if this is Israel's war against Arabs, being fought by proxy then objections disappear (PM 19/2/03)

There is concern that anti-war movement could be anti-Semetic (PM 16/2/03)-

 ALP is in trouble with Jewish lobby for statements (PM 18/2/03)

Israel will use the US attack on Iraq as a pretext for forcing Palestinians back  (18/2/03)

A very close relationship has emerged between Bush and Sharon (DC 11/2/03)

Gulf War 1


For the past six years, the American Gulf War Veterans Association has received reports from disgruntled veterans stating that US forces were responsible for the setting of the oil well fires at the end of the Gulf War.