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This open document records indicators of the community's challenges as they accumulate. It complements a February 2001 document, Queensland's Challenge, which dealt with Queensland’s overall position at the start of the 21st century.

Subjects are in date order with the latest first. ARCHIVE contains older material on each subject.


A = The Australian
CM = Courier Mail
FR = Australian Financial Review

Prediction and Alternative

The most likely current response to the above problems can be expected to involve further political tinkering with policies, and with the staffing and structures of particular agencies.

Thus for the next 2-3 years problems like those listed above are likely to escalate for reasons outlined in Towards Good Government in Queensland (ie because of a lack of real-world competence in the support available to government in developing and implementing policy).

A preliminary suggestion about Renewal of Queensland's Public Service on a professional basis is available as one alternative. However far broader changes are required, eg probably including

A framework within which current challenges might be managed has been speculated (see Direct Action to Make a Difference).

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