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Mr Peter Jorss
IE Aust (Qld)

Mr Tom Pinzone
c/- GHD

Queensland Infrastructure Report Card

I noted with interest a Courier Mail article about the Queensland Infrastructure Report Card that you reportedly authored on behalf of the IEAust, and the Premier's apparent negative reaction to it.

My interpretation of the article: Long term planning of Queensland's major infrastructure has been badly neglected - and a crisis in electricity, water and roads is faced in 10 years - according to Queensland Infrastructure Report Card by IEAust. Electricity is worst - and even the best areas were seen to require changes. IEAust Queensland president (Peter Jorss) blamed absence of coordinated strategic planning between three levels of government. Some sectors are better than Australian average, but still need work to be satisfactory. Without changes Brisbane residents in 2015 will face traffic congestion, power outages and future water shortages. Report suggests creation of infrastructure council to monitor problems. Authors also suggested that GOC Boards also required members with technical experience - rather than just governance experience. GHD (Tom Pinzone) said governments had to see infrastructure as investment in the future - not cost. Political pressures in different levels of government inhibit coordination. Lack of long term planning and of funding for maintenance / renewals will create long term problems. Tax increases were a real possibility to fund infrastructure. Premier labelled report outdated - as it said nothing that was not known and being acted on. (Watt A. and Wardill S 'Vital services decade away from a crisis', Courier Mail , 9/11/04)

May I suggest that:

In explaining infrastructure under-investment in Queensland, I submit that the most important factors have been:

A lack of proper infrastructure planning has been a consequence of such factors - not the primary cause of the infrastructure backlog.

In relation to the Premier's claim that the problem is being acted on I should like to draw your attention to my review of the SE Queensland Regional Plan - which suggests that the Plan will prove unworkable for reasons which include: inadequate depth of understanding of what is really involved in coordinating planning in government; and financial obstacles to funding the necessary infrastructure.

In conclusion I strongly suggest that the IEAust needs to look much more deeply at the reasons for the infrastructure backlog that the Report Card identified.


John Craig