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8 February 2004

Hon Mr Peter Beattie, MLA
Premier of Queensland

Real Government

Congratulations on the third mandate you have gained for governing Queensland.

After your victory speech on election night, one of the commentators on Channel 7 described you admiringly as a 'Class Act'.

However for government in Queensland to be more than the 'Act' which observers have increasingly seen it to be(Note 1), it is essential that a professional ethos be restored to the Public Service - so that those responsible for advising about and implementing policy are able to concentrate on whether it is likely to work in practice, rather than on political appearances.

Thus I enclose for your attention a copy of an email dated 17 January 2004, to which I do not yet appear to have had a reply, in the hope that you may take this occasion to correct a gross abuse of natural justice by your Department which contributed to the breakdown of the Westminster tradition and of the professional credibility of Queensland's Public Service.

There is a great deal of potential for advancing the welfare of Queensland's community, but government agendas will seldom gain 'real' outcomes unless the Public Service, whose politicisation has had bipartisan support in this state for more than a decade, is able and motivated to tell politicians what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.

Yours faithfully

John Craig

Note (1)

The fact that government in Queensland has increasingly been seen as a populist pretence is illustrated by the indicators of Dysfunctions listed in The Growing Case for a Professional Public Service (on the web at

The fact that the agenda on which your Government has gained a third mandate can not be effectively turned into practical gains without restoration of a professional ethos in the Public Service is illustrated by other documents on that web-site eg Review of Child Protection Proposals (January 2004); Growth Management in SE Queensland (November 2003); and A Commentary on Smart State: Illustrating Queensland's Lack of Serious Public Policy (September 2003).


 8 March 2004

Hon Mr Peter Beattie, MLA
Premier of Queensland

I refer again to my email of 17 January 2004.

I still do not yet appear to have received a reply, even though a copy was drawn to your attention by my letter of 8 February 2004.

Thus I attach a copy of that email for a second time. As you will note it expressed the hope that, in view of the priority which you reportedly attach to natural justice for members of your Government, you may correct a gross abuse of natural justice by your Department.

Yours faithfully

John Craig